Ivan Argote (Colombia)

あーーー…。という感じのビデオ。 美術館でモンドリアンの絵にスプレーを吹きかけてます。Ivan Argote, パリ在住のアーティスト。倫理的に良いと悪いのちょうど間、黒に限りなく近いグレーゾーンにある作家と作品です。瞬間の感覚ではだめだろう!と思うけど、じゃあなぜだと考えたらわからなくなりました。作品の趣旨もそこにあるみたいです。興味が”どうでもいいような、ほんとに小さな事件のようなものと論理的な行動で、それを通して政治、社会についてと、アートがとるべき態度について話す機会を作ろうとしている”。


Shock full of inventiveness and humor with a rebellious twist, Ivan Argote’s work comments on the ways we traditionally regard art, by shifting the focus from the visual work to very particular actions that question the behaviors we assume within society’s parameters of what is acceptable. In Retouch, the artist takes a hand-held video camera to a well-known museum in Paris and films himself spray painting a couple of Mondrians on the walls. The act of retouching this canonic work is one of rebellion that forces viewers to think about alternative ways of seeing art within the context of the institution. Do the spray-painted lines differ so much from the ones painted by Mondrian? Is this an act of vandalism as much as it is a statement mocking the history of art? In fact, Ivan is interested in “micro-scale phenomena and logical behaviors and to make them talk about political, sociological and artistic behaviors.” Working with different mediums such as video, photograhy, informatics, performance and sculpture, Ivan’s work criticizes with a slight kick, just enough to make viewers want to see more of his ingenious work.
Ivan Argote was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He holds an MFA from the Paris Fine Art School – ENSBA, Paris. He currently has an exhibition titled The here in Valenzuela and Klenner Gallery in Bogotá and was recently selected for the Luis Adelantado Gallery XI International Call for Young Artists. He lives and works in Paris.

Ivan Argote | DaWire.

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