James Lee Byars(1932-1997,US)

JAMES LEE BYARS、この作家もなぜか、アドバイザーに君は好きかもしれないよ、と言われたアーティスト.でも、ぜんぜん好きじゃない・・・なぜこの作家なんだ・・・日本に関係あるからか!?

JAMES LEE BYARS spent a decade (1957-67) living on and off in Japan, where he taught English to Buddhist monks and nuns.

Beginning with his trips to Asia, but also drawing on advanced scientific research, Byars developed a personal visual style based on forms like circles, spheres, cylinders, and pyramids, which are simple yet contain profound symbolic value.

He also began using materials and colors associated with the symbolic plane, such as marble, velvet, or black and gold.


“BYARS-James Lee, internationally renowned artist whose work concentrated on minimal hermetic forms, reduction towards essence and absence, and an acute sense of the ephemeral, died on Thursday, May 23, 1997, at the Anglo-American hospital in Cairo, Egypt. He was 65 years old.”

— The New York Times, May 24, 1997

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