Dora Maurer(Budapest, 1937~)




hidden structure

Throwing the Plate from Very High


Dora Maurer (Budapest, 1937) is a Hungarian artist that has spanned a 50 year career.[1] With an emphasis in photography, film, graphic design, and more, Maurer has made a household name for herself in the art world. Gaining most of her popularity in the 1970s, with avant-garde work, Maurer has made her art career off of contemporary and modern influenced works that have been shown worldwide……….

In Dora Maurer’s work, geometric, mathematical, and conceptual[3] systems all appear. These are the processes in which her mind thinks when creating her art. Dora Maurer explores different cycles in showing things such as simple actions to make the viewer see her art as movement. She simply gives the viewer examples of things she can do with different objects, to make them think about what they would do. All of Maurer’s work displays geometric compositions and designs. She is very methodical with the composition she uses, the images, lines, width of lines, colors, angels, and more. Some of her famous works come from her quassi photos, her series Reversible and Changeable Phases of Movement, and her newest series, Overlappings.

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