Amalia Pica(1978~ Argentina)


Born in Argentina and based in London, artist Amalia Pica explores metaphor, communication, and civic participation through drawings, sculptures, large-scale photographic prints, slide projections, live performances, and installations.


Using simple materials such as photocopies, lightbulbs, drinking glasses, beer bottles, bunting, cardboard, and other found materials, Pica creates work that is formally beautiful and conceptually rigorous while addressing fundamental issues of communication—such as the acts of delivering and receiving messages (verbal or nonverbal) and the various forms these exchanges may take. She is particularly interested in the role of the artist in conveying messages to audiences and the translation of thought to action, idea to object. Her work is optimistic in its reflection of moments of shared experience, often incorporating signifiers of celebration and communal gatherings such as fiesta lights, flags and banners, confetti, and rainbows.

Having grown up in Argentina, Pica is attracted to the limits and failures of language and concerned with what it means to have a platform to speak out from. Her work raises questions about individual versus collective speech in the context of extreme political situations, such as those in 1970s Argentina or present-day Afghanistan, and demonstrates how open communication is a right in some regions of the world and a privilege in others.

Artist Statement

I make works to try to think better.

The works often explore the idea of enunciation and the performative nature of thought and speech.

I usually exhibit combinations of autonomous pieces that come together as installations. So the space in between them is just as important as the works themselves. I have a sense that meaning is created by bouncing off each work onto the other. I like to think of my shows as conversations.


Venn diagrams (under the spotlight). 2011
Installation with spotlights, motion sensors and text

Endymion’s Journey at Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, 2011

Amalia Pica, If these walls could talk, 2010, tin cans, strings, dimensions variable

speakers corner

Amalia Pica at MCA Chicago from MCA Chicago on Vimeo.

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