Kim Boske (1978, NL)


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Fascinated by how different moments in time and space determine our perspective and define reality, in her work Boske focuses on the system of ‘Time’. She regards reality as an unlimited field of differentials, which move disorderly alongside each other and together form the unity of being. She’s fascinated by a reality and a way of thinking that presents itself more as “becoming” rather than “being”.

Boske composes her work by capturing and assembling different visual fragments lost during the passage of time. The result is the collection of afterimages taken from past and present, together constructing an image of ‘now’, revealing a phenomenon that is impossible to see or witness with the naked eye.

In her visual language “Nature” takes up a dominant place. The relationship between man and landscape, between art and nature is a complex given. Nature is process, it changes and is in motion, it blooms grows and dies like humans. She passes, but also comes back; she is entwined with all there is.

Time continues in nature, but a photograph or video captures moments and the consciousness of the now. In this way nature and art are in dialogue with each other. In her work Boske investigates and imagines the meaning of nature and landscape and our relationship to it.

Mapping (2008-2009)


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