Hans op de Beeck (1969, Belgium)

Staging Silence (2009)

Staging Silence’ is based around abstract, archetypal settings that lingered in the memory of the artist as the common denominator of the many similar public places he has experienced. The video images themselves are both ridiculous and serious, just like the eclectic mix of pictures in our minds. The decision to film in black and white heightens this ambiguity: the amateurish quality of the video invokes the legacy of slapstick, as well as the insidious suspense and latent derailmentof film noir. The title refers to the staging of such dormant decors where, in the absence of people, the spectator can project himself as the lone protagonist.

Memory images are disproportionate mixtures of concrete information and fantasies, and in this film they materialise before the spectator’s eyes through anonymous tinkering and improvising hands. Arms appear and disappear at random, manipulating banal objects, scale representations and artificial lighting into alienating yet recognizable locations. These places are no more or less than animated decors for possible stories, evocative visual propositions to the spectator.The film is accompanied by a score which, inspired by the images themselves, has been composed and performed by composer-musician Serge Lacroix.

(Text from www.hansopdebeeck.com)

ロッテルダムのビデオアート展でほぼ唯一最初から最後まで、そして2回も映像を鑑賞したほど作品の世界に引き込まれまれた作家の1人です。同じ1つの空間 (たぶん同じ1つの机の上?)に作り上げられたセットだというのが信じられません。時々見える手やセットで使用されているじゃがいも等の小道具で、作られた空間だということを思い出しますが、すぐにまた舞台の中に引き込まれて具体的ではないどこかに実在してそうな風景を見ている錯覚に陥ります。

時間と空間をテーマに、映像、写真、インスタレーション、絵画、小説等々、いろんな媒体を使っているそう。Staging Silence (2)も含め、他の作品は彼のウェブにのってます。

His website: http://www.hansopdebeeck.com/

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