Voebe De Gruyter (Den Haag, 1960)


自宅の玄関の床の白い模様は疑念が可視化されたものだとか、散髪屋に散らばる切り落とされた髪をアラビア語ととらえて翻訳したり、ボールペンの中に残るインク跡と急逝した国王の生涯とを重ね合せるとか、あくびを科学的に検証とか、ハゲ頭を宇宙に見立てるとか無限の広がりを持つ空想力にドキュンときます。Roma Publicationsから出ているこの作家の本がまた最高です。

When Voebe de Gruyter was a child she often visited the Abdij van Averbode with her family to eat ice cream. She was 15 when she noticed that only two flavors of ice-cream were sold: mocha and vanilla and that the ice-cream sellers, and the people eating ice cream, were mimicking characteristics of the stone abbey behind them. The vendors in white aprons looked like friars. The Ice-cream cones were inverted abbey towers. Mocha was the color of the abbey’s stone and vanilla the color of its grout. http://1646.nl/projects/several-fractions-to-a-common


21. August 2017 by Nishiko
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